Home, 2020

These images represent both contemporary living culture in terms of how every housing estate (and highstreet) looks the same and also the repetitiveness of life during the Covid-19 pandemic. During 2020, everyone spent an unusual amount of time inside the same four walls, repeating the same mundane tasks day after day.  I wanted to place emphasis on this by constructing my own images with a true sense of realism. The repetition and abstract patterns created, help to produce a genuine feeling of chaos. In contrast to this, the sun shining and the shadows created, along with the utopian, perfect blue sky also helps to highlight this feeling of reality but in a much calmer, idealistic way.

Primrose Lane

Parkhill, 2021

This body of work, places emphasis on the form and structure of modernist architecture. The series, titled ‘Parkhill, 2021’, focuses on aestheticizing the ‘international style’. This has been done by stripping back the structure to its simplest forms. The initial photograph has been overlaid and reduced to its repetitive formal components, resembling an architect’s plan or blueprint - the fundamental basis behind all things constructed.  The graphic qualities, force the viewers’ attention upon the lines and composition of the building, as well as the shapes and colours within it.